Sibling Rivalry

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NeutralSibling Rivalry

80 (Requires 77)


16550 (or 9g 93s at 80)


N [80] The Drakkensryd


N [80] Mending Fences

Sibling Rivalry is part of The Sons of Hodir quest chain.


Thorim wants you to listen to his story.

  • Thorim's History Heard


Sif? Is it truly you?

No? A <race>? But for a moment....

Enough of this! The visions of my Sif have tormented me for far too long. It is time for me to avenge her, and to bring honor to her memory.

My brother must pay!


Hear my words, <race>.


You now know a bit of the history of this land... my land.

I call upon you to assist me in setting these wrongs to right.


Speak, <class>.

Gossip Can you tell me what became of Sif?

For a moment I thought you were my beloved Sif... that strand of hair... but no! It can't be... Sif is dead....
My... my brother.... killed her!

Gossip He did more than that, Thorim. He controls Ulduar now.

Ulduar... I was sworn to protect Ulduar.
Sworn to protect the Terrace of the Makers.
Sworn to protect the pacts between the races of frost.
But I failed! I let my brother trick me. I let him turn me against my allies. He tricked me into blaming Sif's death on a dear friend, Arngrim, the king of the frost giants.
After I realized what I'd done... I... gave in to dispair.

Gossip It needn't end this way.

Who are you, little one? To come speak these words to the mighty Thorim...
I should... crush you!
Yet, you've delivered me from my stupor. Your presence here is a sign!
It was no accident that I mistook you for Sif. What would she think of me? I must prepare for battle.
I must avenge her death and liberate the titans' sacred grounds from my brother's madness!


  1. N [79] They Took Our Men!
  2. N [78] Leave No Goblin Behind
  3. N [79] The Crone's Bargain
  4. N [79] Mildred the Cruel
  5. N [79] Discipline
  6. N [79] Examples to be Made
  7. N [79] A Certain Prisoner
  8. N [79] A Change of Scenery
  9. N [80] Is That Your Goblin?
  10. N [80] The Hyldsmeet
  11. N [80] Taking on All Challengers
  12. N [80] You'll Need a Bear
  13. N [80] Going Bearback
  14. N [80] Cold Hearted
  15. N [80] Deemed Worthy
  16. N [80] Making a Harness
  17. N [80] The Last of Her Kind
  18. N [80] The Warm-Up
  19. N [80] Into the Pit
  20. N [79] Prepare for Glory
  21. N [80] Lok'lira's Parting Gift
  22. N [80] The Drakkensryd
  23. N [80] Sibling Rivalry
  24. N [80] Mending Fences (+28,600 The Sons of Hodir)
  25. N [80] The Refiner's Fire
  26. N [80] A Spark of Hope (+28,600 The Sons of Hodir)
  27. N [80] Forging an Alliance (+325 The Sons of Hodir)
    Mandatory side quest:
    1. N [80] You Can't Miss Him (+75 The Sons of Hodir)
    2. N [80] Battling the Elements (+75 The Sons of Hodir)
      • Prerequisite for daily: N [80 Daily] Hot and Cold (+455 The Sons of Hodir)
  28. N [80] A New Beginning
  29. N [80] Veranus
  30. N [80] Territorial Trespass
  31. N [80] Krolmir, Hammer of Storms (+455 The Sons of Hodir)
    Mandatory side quests:
    1. N [80] Jormuttar is Soo Fat... (+325 The Sons of Hodir)
    2. N [80] In Memoriam (+325 The Sons of Hodir)
    3. N [80] A Monument to the Fallen (+75 The Sons of Hodir)
  32. N [80] The Terrace of the Makers
  33. N [80] The Earthen Oath & N [80] Loken's Lackeys
  34. N [80] The Reckoning
  35. N [80D] Stormherald Eljrrin (optional)
  36. N [80D] Whatever it Takes! (+650 The Sons of Hodir) & N [80D] Diametrically Opposed

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