Siege of Boralus: Lady Ashvane's Return

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AllianceSiege of Boralus: Lady Ashvane's Return

120 (Requires 120)




A [120] A Nation United


Complete the Siege of Boralus dungeon.

  • Siege of Boralus completed


If Ashvane thinks we will sit idly by as she attempts a coup, she is sorely mistaken. The citizens of Boralus will fight her to a man.

I'll need you on the front lines to aid them, <class>. Go with Taelia to the docks and engage the enemy.

With a little luck, we may just make it out of this alive.


That was incredible! I had no idea Lady Jaina was so powerful.


You will receive:
Inv radientazeritecore.png [Radiant Azerite Core]


On accept:

Katherine Proudmoore says: Taelia! Take <name> and muster the militia. Jaina and I will prepare the defenses.
Katherine turns to Jaina.
Katherine Proudmoore says: It seems our homecoming will have to wait.
Jaina salutes.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Understood... Lord Admiral.
The Proudmoores head into the keep. Taelia turns to you.
Taelia says: I'll head to the outskirts and alert the citizens. Hurry to the docks. I'll meet you there!
She mounts Galeheart and takes off.

If you look out into the harbor, you'll see eight pirate ships loaded with privateers: three main ships that are the same class as The Relentless, and five transport ships of the same design built by the garrison in alternate Draenor.

This quest requires completing the mythic-only Siege of Boralus dungeon. Following the death of Viq'Goth:

Lady Priscilla Ashvane yells: You dare scar my beautiful pet?!
Jaina Proudmoore says: You've done well, heroes, but Boralus is not out of danger yet.
Jaina Proudmoore says: Speak to me when you're ready to put an end to Ashvane's fleet.

Speak to Jaina.

You've done so much for Boralus, this day, heroes. Now it's my turn.
  • Gossip Finish the fight.
  • Gossip I'm ready to leave.

Choosing the first option plays a cinematic:

Katherine and Jaina look out to sea as Lady Ashvane's fleet approaches.
Katherine Proudmoore: Our harbor defenses... won't be enough.
Katherine holds up the necklace she had taken from Jaina on her arrival.
Jaina Proudmoore: Father's pendant.
Katherine Proudmoore: For generations, the heart of the Kul Tiran fleet. I thought that hope had returned with this seal. That perhaps I could call the fleet home, as your father did. I was wrong. It was never meant... for me.
Katherine places Daelin's pendant in Jaina's hand. Jaina closes her eyes and begins to hum her song, while ahead, Lady Ashvane's fleet approaches at high speed, cannons ready. As she reaches the end of the song, Jaina's eyes open.
Jaina Proudmoore: There you are.
Jaina's eyes and the pendant in her hand begin to glow brightly. The skies come alive with lightning as Lady Ashvane looks behind her... and her eyes go wide with terror as she sees dark shadows in the stormclouds - the Kul Tiran fleet, with a swift-moving vessel at the lead.
Kul Tiran Sailor: We're home, Tandred! Captain, pirates in our harbor!
Tandred Proudmoore: All hands! Let's show them what Kul Tirans are made of.
From her flagship, Lady Ashvane continues to stare in shock as she realizes she's trapped - the fleet behind her, and Boralus' defenses in front.
Ashvane Officer: Lady Ashvane! Your orders! Lady Ashvane!
After a moment, Ashvane's flagship raises a white flag, signaling surrender. The siege is over, and the citizens of Boralus cheer. Drained, Jaina sighs in relief as her mother stands next to her.
Katherine Proudmoore: It seems hope has returned... with you, Lord Admiral.
Smiling, Jaina and Katherine look out as the sun shines over the harbor.

After leaving the dungeon, turn the quest in to Taelia at the Harbormaster's Office in Boralus Harbor.



  1. A [120] What You May Regret
  2. A [120] Lost Shipment
  3. A [120] A Local Guide
  4. A [120] An Explosive Entrance
  5. A [120] The Keys to Success in Freehold
  6. A [120] Sweete's Strongbox
  7. A [120D] Tol Dagor: The Fourth Key
  8. A [120] The Mysterious Island
  9. A [120] A Forlorn Hope
  10. A [120] The Strength of the Storm & A [120] Ritual Effects
  11. A [120D] Shrine of the Storm: The Missing Ritual
  12. A [120] Opening the Way
  13. A [120] Fate's End
  14. A [120] Lost in Darkness
  15. A [120] Of Myth and Fable
  16. A [120] The Old Bear
  17. A [120] Nightmare Catcher & A [120] Buried Power & A [120] Hatred's Focus
  18. A [120D] Waycrest Manor: Draining the Heartsbane
  19. A [120] Into Darkness
  20. A [120] Runic Resistance
  21. A [120] Thros, the Blighted Lands
  22. A [120D] Siege of Boralus: Lady Ashvane's Return
  23. A [120] A Nation United

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