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Siege of Grommashar

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Siege of Grommashar
Siege of Grommashar
Conflict: War in Draenor
Place: Grommashar and Stones of Prophecy, Nagrand
Outcome: Garrosh Hellscream defeated at mak'gora by Thrall. The Warsong in Nagrand are devoid of leadership.

Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
  • Small
  • Annihilated

The siege of Grommashar was the final assault on the Warsong clan's base of operations within Nagrand, with the principal objective to dispose of Garrosh Hellscream, former warchief of the Horde, fugitive from the prime timeline as well as the latest Warlord of the Warsong clan in Draenor. The Azerothian coalition laid siege to the city, ultimately drawing Garrosh from hiding and culminated in a duel between Garrosh and Thrall at the Stones of Prophecy, future site of Garadar, with Thrall as the victor.[1]