Siege of the Sanguine

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Siege of the Sanguine
Light's Hope 07.jpg

Scourge forces fail to take Light's Hope Chapel, and the siege is lifted

Casualties and losses

Undead Scourge

  • Very heavy

Argent Dawn

  • Unknown

The Siege of the Sanguine was a major battle between forces of the Undead Scourge and those of the Argent Dawn taking place at Light's Hope Chapel, in the Eastern Plaguelands. It was designed and led by the powerful lich Kirkessen the Zealous, a decorated veteran of countless battles, who reported directly to the Lich King himself. The Siege of the Sanguine was one of the largest organized assaults on Light's Hope Chapel. Despite overwhelming odds, his attack was quickly countered, and his forces suffered enormous damages. Kirkessen himself received a critical blow from Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, and is no longer able to assume a corporeal form.[1]