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Not to be confused with [Sapta Sight].

The Sight[1][2] is an ability which allows one to see prophetic visions of the future.[1] Prophet Velen's gift of Sight warned him of the dangers of joining Sargeras. Granted a vision by a naaru called K'ure, Velen led his people off Argus.[3] The sight to visions can also be induced by an extract made by alchemists.[4]

Several Zandalari trolls have the Sight as well. Known examples are Zul and Vol'jamba,[5] though The Dark Prophet Zul says Zul is simply "one of" the dark prophets, implying the existence of more than one or two dark prophets.



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Noticing how similar the description is, it is possible that the spiritual sight used by the blind Drek'Thar, granting him prophetic dreams and visions,[6] could be the Sight.