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Signal for Pickup

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AllianceSignal for Pickup

Xiggs Fuselighter


52 (Requires 45)




500 EXP (or 3s at level 70)


A [52] An Easy Pickup


Speak to Xiggs Fuselighter and get a  [Standard Issue Flare Gun] from him in Ironforge.


Ah, so Tymor sent you, huh? Yeah, I owe him a favor or two. What's that? Why, that little devil. Yeah, I can help him out with that. So you'll need a flare gun and a location... easy enough. There's a small island off the southern peninsula of Azshara that we've made a landing pad on. You take this flare gun, and use it there. I'll see your signal and come by to pick up this... whatever it is he wants.


Here's my standard issue flare gun, and be patient after you fire off the gun—there are only a couple charges in one of these, and it might take me a minute to get to you depending on how far out to sea I am. Just look out to sea after you fire off the flare.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 500 XP (or 3s at level 70)


Speak to Fuselighter if you destroy your flare gun. He will give you another one in another quest offering.

Ah, another flare gun, huh? That I can do.

And don't forget, southern tip of Azshara. It's a small little island that's been turned into a landing pad. You can't miss it if you're in the right spot.


  1. A [52] An Easy Pickup
  2. A [52] Signal for Pickup

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