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"Silithus quests" redirects here. For the achievement, see [Silithus Quests].
Zone map

Silithus is a contested level 55-60 zone in southwestern Kalimdor. Most of the story is revolving around the rising activity of the silithid and the Twilight's Hammer in the area, and will lead adventurers that arrive to Cenarion Hold to deal with these threats.

Unlike most other old world zones, Silithus was not revamped in Cataclysm and has relatively few quests, especially compared to the other level 55-60 zone, Blasted Lands.

Cenarion Hold

  1. Optional breadcrumbs: A [55] Hero's Call: Silithus!, H [55] Warchief's Command: Silithus!
  2. N [55] Securing the Supply Lines
  3. N [57] Stepping Up Security

Wanted poster

Saving Noggle quest chain

  1. N [55] Deadly Desert Venom
  2. N [57] Noggle's Last Hope
  3. N [58] Noggle's Lost Satchel

Twilight Geolords quest chain

  1. N [56] Twilight Geolords
  2. N [56] Vyral the Vile

The following chains unlock after completion of Twilight Geolords chain:

Hive'Regal quest chain

  1. N [56] Dearest Natalia
  2. N [56] Breaking the Code
  3. N [56] Unraveling the Mystery

Hermit Ortell quest chain

  1. N [56] The Twilight Mystery
  2. N [60] The Deserter
  3. N [60] The Twilight Lexicon
  4. N [60] True Believers
  5. N [60] Still Believing (repeatable)