Silkmaster Tsai

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NeutralSilkmaster Tsai
Image of Silkmaster Tsai
Title <"The Tailor of Pandaria">
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 86 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Silken Fields, Valley of the Four Winds [62.7, 59.8]
Status Alive

Silkmaster Tsai is a tailoring trainer found in the Silken Fields in Valley of the Four Winds.



  • Greetings stranger. I am Silkmaster Tsai. Welcome to the ancient Imperial Silk Farm.
This farm dates back to some of the earliest dynasties of Pandaria, and each generation exceeds the last in quality of silk.
Enjoy your tour of Pandaria's most ancient and respected silk farm.
  • Your clothing appears as one well travelled. Quite an interesting look. I might use it in one of my future clothing lines. I shall call it:
  • The boots, no. The belt, oh very much no. The shirt, stunning, but not on you. We should get you a real cape. And perhaps a vest with the proper hero's cut.
  • You remind me of a young Master Goh, minus the girth.
He first came to me a farm boy dressed in rags but with a stylish stride to him that owned the look.
Together we made a clothing line that was all the rage in the east for at least two years.

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