Silver Covenant Spellbow

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AllianceSilver Covenant Spellbow
Image of Silver Covenant Spellbow
Gender Both
Race High elf (Humanoid)
Level 35
Class Hunter
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Silver Covenant
Occupation Soldier
Location Underbelly, Dalaran; Isle of Thunder
Status Alive
Companion(s) Sorin Magehand (leader)

The Silver Covenant Spellbow are soldiers of the Silver Covenant who fought under Jaina Proudmoore's banner during the Purge of Dalaran. They are led by Sorin Magehand and are found in The Underbelly. The Spellbows wield a special high elven model of the  [Skyfire Hawk-Bow] that is unobtainable.

They later reappeared on the Isle of Thunder.

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