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Sources: Wrath of the Lich King

Silverbrook is a seemingly ordinary human town[1] in the northern Grizzly Hills. It is nested among the Silverbrook Hills, close to Drak'tharon Keep and just west of the Blue Sky Logging Grounds PVP area. The town is encircled by a wooden palisade, and contains four large towers and a number of loghouses. It is under constant attack by the Horde soldiers from Conquest Hold.


The citizens of Silverbrook are loggers, hunters and forest folks, also referred to as "trappers". They have established a number of trading posts around Grizzly Hills. They also engage in farming and keep horses.[2]

The trappers have eventually fallen under the influence of the Wolfcult. According to a journal that was retrieved, members of the Wolfcult approached the people of Silverbrook and attempted to expand their influence there. At first, the people were reluctant, but over time the cult sympathisers outweighed those that opposed it. Anyone who was against the cult fled or was killed and occasionally raised as undead. An example of the fate that befell those that opposed the Wolfcult can be found in Hollowstone Mine.

Recently, the inhabitants have come into contact with both the Alliance and the Horde. The Horde has been aggressive to the people of Silverbrook from the start, and the two have clashed in the Silverbrook Hills.[3] The Alliance explored a possible pact with the trappers, sending an envoy, Ducal to Silverbrook and assisting the woodsmen with a number of tasks. Eventually, however, Silvebrook's allegiance to the Wolfcult was revealed, starting off a war with the Alliance, too.[4]



After completing A [74] Escape from Silverbrook, most NPCs here will become hostile to you.