Simmer Down Now

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For the pre-Cataclysm version, see H [25] Stonetalon Standstill.
HordeSimmer Down Now
Start Captain Tarkan
End Captain Tarkan
Level 25 (Requires 23)
Category Ashenvale
Experience 2,000
Reputation +250 Warsong Offensive
Rewards 18s


Captain Tarkan at Silverwind Refuge wants you to defeat Tideress and 12 Befouled Water Elementals at Mystral Lake.


You should've seen it, <class>!

The elves thought Silverwind to be impenetrable. With its heavy defenses and their army of water elementals, they were almost right.


One of our mages was able to summon a twisted elemental designed to send the others into a chaotic rage.

Ahh, the looks on their faces!

<Tarkan laughs.>

Unfortunately, the mage who summoned it fell in battle. Now I need someone to bring down our creation.


You will receive:


Have you defeated Tideress, <race>?


Well done, <class>.

A fitting end to a textbook assault.

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