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For Cataclysm version, see A Warrior [3] Simple Rune.
AllianceSimple Rune

1 (Requires 1)




40 EXP (or 30c at level 70)


Read the  [Simple Rune] and speak to Thran Khorman in Coldridge Valley.


While you were helping me out, this rune was given to me to pass on to you. Take some time to read it when you have a chance. I'm thinkin' it came from the warrior trainer Thran. Take a gander at it and go find him inside Anvilmar when you've a chance.


Blast it's cold today, ain't it? It's like the snow never goes away, <name>. You've probably noticed already, but there are gnomes now living in our city. That's because they went and got themselves blown out of their own home. Don't go spreadin' this 'round, but I can hardly blame them—I think I woulda resorted to explosives too if Ironforge were infested with Dark Irons or the like.


Other things you'll probably see too, just so yer in the know: dwarves usin' magic in a fight 'stead of a rifle. Some of us takin' to worshippin' the Holy Light like some of the humans, and, last but not least, troggs. You'll learn more 'bout them later, but what you need to know now is that I'm here to help ya. I be here to teach ya how to be a real Dwarf. Anytime ya think ya need more trainin', come back to me and I'll see what I can do.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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