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Prince Renathal before the centerpiece of Sinfall



Sinfall is the Sanctum of the Venthyr Covenant. It is located in the central part of the Ember Ward, in western Revendreth. A valued possesion of Denathrius in the past, the structure is now used as a base of operations for Prince Renathal and his rebellion.[1]


The uppermost, above-ground level of Sinfall is where the Ember Court is held, organized within the Spire of the Unseen Guests. The area is accessible either from the elevator near the Sanctuary of the Mad or through the Bridge of Banishment (that leads directly to Castle Nathria through The Abandoned Purlieu).

The floor when you enter Sinfall through the staircase and first mirror is Sinfall Reaches. The centerpiece on this level is where Prince Renathal intends to place all 7 Medallions of Revendreth and the Crown of the Harvesters.[2] Along the perimeter of the monument is the Sinstone of Revendreth, which explains the purpose of Revendreth, and the Sinstone of Wrath, the Sinstone of Dominion, the Sinstone of Dread, the Sinstone of Envy, the Sinstone of Pride, the Sinstone of Avarice, and the Sinstone of Desire, each explaining its sin and the role of the Court of Harvesters. Each has Renathal's Notes providing a context for each Medallion. Additionally, here you will find the Scouting Map, training dummies, a mailbox, Foreman Flatfinger (Sanctum Upgrades), Chachi the Artiste (Renown Quartermaster), Rahel (Keeper of Renown), the Forge of Bonds (Soulbinds and Conduits), and various NPCs, including the flight master Courier Snaggle.

Entering the Sinfall Mirror found in the middle of the chasm allows you to reach the bottom-most floor, named Sinfall Depths. Here you will find the venthyr Anima Conductor, and various NPCs. There is also a side entrance to Sinfall that is currently barred by a gate, so only players who are part of the Venthyr Covenant can enter with [Door of Shadows]. This path leads to an area called Dawnkeep. Also on this floor, near the Sinfall Mirror, there is a hanging bat named Sinfall Surface Flyer that takes you directly to the surface level of Sinfall.

Alternatively, if you jump into Sinfall through the grate at the topmost level, you gain a venthyr-themed slow-fall effect Fallen Prince's Welcome until you land. However, if you miss any of the platforms and end up going down into the chasm, your character dies. Additionally, while you can control your fall direction if you simply jump into the grate, if you fall into the grate while mounted you will fall straight down.


Sinfall was originally where Denathrius sired his first Court of Harvesters ages ago. It is where he forged the medallions so that each Harvester may share a piece of his power and carry out his will.[3] It is a forbidden place filled with secrets where Sire Denathrius would perform dark magic and experiments that eventually led to retaliation of the Light and the scorching of the Ember Ward.[1][4] It also contains a collection of history written by a venthyr of battles alongside the Primus.[5]

Much later this place was used to fling Prince Renathal into the Maw with the help of an old device powered through the Containers of Dark Will only usable by Denathrius and the Maw Walker.[6] This device drops you into Gorgoa: River of Souls. After the Prince was rescued, he turned Sinfall into his stage ground against Denathrius himself.[1] Sinfall Reaches, the centerpiece on this level, is where Prince Renathal intends to place all 7 Medallions of Revendreth and the Crown of the Harvesters[7] in order to become the new ruler of Revendreth.

After the defeat of the Sire, his blade  [Remornia] consumed his essence, and the weapon was brought to Sinfall.[8]

Sinstone objects


  • While the topmost floor is accessible to anyone of any covenant, the second and third floors are Venthyr Covenant exclusive once the questing campaign is done.
  • The Transport Network is accessed via the mirrors along the lower levels of Sinfall. The second floor, Sinfall Reaches, contains the mirrors of Pridefall Hamlet and the Eternal Terrace. The third floor, Sinfall Depths, contains the mirrors of Dominance Keep, Halls of Atonement, the Banewood, and Feeders' Thicket. Each mirror is located in an elevator of that zone.
  • Kael'thas Sunstrider is located on the Sinfall Depths floor. His dialogue changes slightly whether or not your character is a blood elf or a void elf.
  • During the quest to join the venthyr once selected as one's covenant, the Accuser mentions in dialogue that she once heard a similar plan from Prince Renathal long ago, before they knew Denathrius was allied to the Jailer.
  • Overlooking Sinfall is the Spire of the Unseen Guests, where the lootable text  [Enemy Infiltration - Preface] is found.
  • Various NPCs can be seen entering and exiting Sinfall. Notably, Watcher Emil, Archivist Fane, Gresit, Madame Iza of House Primrose, Vulca and Mistress Mihaela do so.
  • Near the flight master in Sinfall, there is an ash ghoul named Tormented Tanya who says strange things in rhyme.
  • If you decide to follow the path behind the flight master, there is another blood mirror to take you back into Sinfall proper as you cannot get back up the wall by walking.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Given that Prince Renathal was never a mortal but born directly from Sire Denathrius' will, perhaps Prince Renathal plans on consuming Denathrius in some capacity to become the new Sire, or to capture Denathrius within the Crown of the Harvesters.
  • Given the Enemy Infiltration - Preface text and the fact it is found within the Spire of the Unseen Guests overlooking Denathrius' personal laboratory, perhaps there is a connection between this location, Sire Denathrius, and the nathrezim. See Denathrius#Speculation and Nathrezim#Speculation for details.
  • There are hooded statues along the perimeter of Sinfall, seen in many places throughout Revendreth, that resemble the two statues flanking the Dark Portal of Outlands, as well as the statues surrounding the Runecarver.
  • There is a striking similarity between the Anima Conductor of the venthyr and the Sword of Sargeras.