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This article is about the Kul Tiras creatures. For the naga class, see Naga siren. For the sunflower, see Siren (sunflower).
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Sources: Battle for Azeroth
Siren ingenuity

Sirens are creatures native to Kul Tiras. With their enchanting voices and songs, they lure sailors into shipwrecks[1][2][3] to devour them.[4] Intelligent enough to build small camps, they utilize their thralls as labor. Siren elders are known as "sisters". They are bigger, smarter, and stronger than younger sirens. Their voices carry far out to sea and bring in all the big "catches".[5]



Notes and trivia

  • In Zandali, sirens are called bwon'tulak, or "death singers". Though they are not found on Zandalar, Zandalari sailors do know about them.[6]
  • Sirens use the wind serpent animation skeleton.
  • In Greek mythology, Sirens were dangerous creatures resembling winged women who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.
    • The names of several sirens in Battle for Azeroth are derived from the names given by various Greek authors to the mythological Sirens, including Ligeia (Lugeia), Molpe (Nolpe), Parthenope (Patheope), and Teles (Teres).
    • Before Battle for Azeroth introduced the siren race, naga would often be used as a reference to the Greek sirens, such as the naga sirens from Warcraft III or Ophelia in A [84] Siren's Song.



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