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Sisterhood of Elune

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For more background information on this organization, see The Warcraft Encyclopedia/Sisterhood of Elune.
AllianceSisterhood of Elune
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High Priestess Haidene statue in Darnassus
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The Sisterhood of Elune (aka Sisters of Elune[1] or simply the Sisters)[2] could be the oldest night elf religious and magical order, predating the quel'dorei by some 2,000 years. As the name implies, they are an order of priestesses dedicated to the worship and servitude of the moon goddess, Elune.[3][4] The Sisterhood is led by the High Priestess of Elune while the priestesses of Elune are the elite of the organization.

They have existed long before the Great Sundering, and formal worship dates back about 15,000 years.[5]


War of the Ancients

The headquarters of the Sisterhood was originally the Temple of Elune in the city of Suramar,[6] but the Sisters staffed temples and chapterhouses on the whole length and breath of Ancient Kalimdor. The temple was lost when Suramar was overrun by the nathrezim, but the Sisterhood, under the leadership of high priestess Dejahna, escaped and flocked to the banner of Lord Ravencrest in the Kaldorei Resistance. A few weeks after the abandoning of Suramar, Tyrande Whisperwind was made high priestess following the death of her predecessor at the hands of Hakkar the Houndmaster. The Sisterhood continued to fight in the War of the Ancients after Tyrande's capture by Xavius — under the leadership of first Marinda, and then Maiev Shadowsong.

The first members of the Watchers were the volunteers from the Sisterhood.[7]

The Long Vigil and current times

Following the conclusion of the war and the creation of Nordrassil, the Sisterhood continued in a less formal role (many of the Sisters became Sentinels), particularly during the Long Vigil. After the defeat of Archimonde at Mount Hyjal and the night elves freedom from the Long Vigil, Tyrande leads a much more formal and religious Sisterhood of Elune from the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus.

They came to help the troubled citizens of Auberdine.[8]

During the War Against the Nightmare, Shandris Feathermoon commanded the Sentinels and the Sisters of Elune to help the inhabitants of the ruined Darnassus.[9]

After Sargeras destroyed Silithus, Tyrande sent the priestesses there. Together with the druids of the Cenarion Circle,[10] they built moonwells there.[11]

Role in the night elven society

The Sisters are a major and active night elven political faction, and fulfil the role of magistrates, officials, and others for the night elven government. The highest-ranking of the Sisters are privy to the government's most important secrets, such as the original condition of Malfurion Stormrage and the power struggle that erupted between Tyrande Whisperwind and Fandral Staghelm.

The Sisterhood of Elune is the highest echelon of the priesthood that serves the goddess of the moon, Elune. The Sisterhood has remained exclusively female up until recent times. This is largely because of a common belief that the deepest mysteries of Elune can only be comprehended by women. Although the vast majority of Elune's priesthood is still comprised of night elven women, the order has come to accept Kaldorei males into its ranks as well.[3]

The Sisterhood has maintained its role since the days of the ancient Kaldorei Empire, over 10,000 years prior; although this role was significantly less political before the Great Sundering. Owing to their military capabilities, the Sisterhood also played an active role in the War of the Ancients, where they joined with the Kaldorei Resistance to curb the invasion of the Burning Legion. They ultimately played a decisive role in numerous battles with the demons, acting as both, elite shock troops, and adept healers.[12]


All priests who served Elune were night elf women. However, after the devastation of the Third War, they thought that the organization had drifted too far away from night elf society and decided to open up their group more to the world. As a result, although a majority of Elune's priests are still women, the order now welcomes men into its ranks.[3]

Elune expected dedication from her priests, but she did not demand that they give her every waking moment — the Mother Moon was a kind, loving mistress. One of these dedications was called the Ritual of the High Moon.[13]

The center of her worship was the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus. Tyrande Whisperwind is her high priestess, but many priests, are found throughout the world, ready to heal the war-weary Azeroth with her light.


Name Role Status Location
Alliance  Alinya Priestess Alive Ruins of Auberdine, Darkshore
Alliance  A'moora Priestess Unknown Temple of the Moon, Darnassus
Alliance  Alathea Priestess, priest trainer Unknown Temple of the Moon, Darnassus
Alliance  Astarii Starseeker Priestess, priest trainer Deceased Temple of the Moon, Darnassus
Alliance  Amara Moon Priestess Unknown Dolanaar, Teldrassil
Alliance  Aquinne Sister, novice priestess Unknown Temple Gardens, Darnassus
Alliance  Belysra Starbreeze Priestess of the Moon Unknown Howling Oak, Darnassus
Neutral  Dejahna High Priestess of Elune (penultimate) Deceased
Alliance  Dentaria Silverglade Priestess of the Moon Alive Teldrassil and Darkshore
Neutral  High Priestess Siralen High Priestess of Vashj'ir Unknown
Neutral  Haidene High Priestess of Elune (first) Deceased
Neutral  Hel'jara Deceased
Neutral  Jia Deceased
Alliance  Kyleen Il'dinare Priestess Alive Odesyus' Landing, Azuremyst Isle
Neutral  Kalo'thera High Priestess of Elune Unknown Unknown
Alliance  Lasara Moon Priestess Alive Temple Gardens, Darnassus
Alliance  Laurna Morninglight Priest trainer Unknown Dolanaar, Teldrassil
Alliance  Maestra Moon Priestess Alive Maestra's Post, Ashenvale
Neutral  Maiev Shadowsong Former member, High Priestess of Elune (interim) Alive Unknown
Neutral  Marinda High Priestess of Elune (interim) Deceased
Alliance  Merende Unknown Unknown
Alliance  Nici Moon Priestess Alive Dalaran, Northrend
Alliance  Serendia Oakwhisper Priestess of the Moon Alive Lor'danel, Darkshore
Alliance  Shalasyr Former Priestess Deceased
Alliance  Shandris Feathermoon Former member Alive Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas
Alliance  Shiromar Priestess Alive Unknown
Alliance  Tharill Moon Priestess Alive Darkshore
Alliance  Tyrande Whisperwind High Priestess of Elune (current) Alive Temple of the Moon, Darnassus


Notable leaders

History Ancient times Burning Legion Invasion Recent history
Ruler Haidene Unknown Kalo'thera Unknown Dejahna Tyrande Whisperwind Marinda Maiev Shadowsong Tyrande Whisperwind

Notes and trivia

  • The Warcraft Encyclopedia says that since the night elves emerged from their societal isolation, the priests of Elune have also extended membership to a few priests, male and female, of other races.[3] No priests of the moon from other races have been seen.
  • The Sisterhood have a special language to commune with the lunar deity.[14]
  • The server Sisters of Elune US is named after the organization.


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