Six Demon Bag

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Six Demon Bag is a rare trinket that is looted from a raid boss. When used, it produces one of several random effects. It has a 3 minute cooldown.




World of Warcraft: Classic The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft but is present in Classic.


Icon-time.svg This section contains information that is out-of-date.

Common effects:

All of the damage effects can crit.

Rare effects:


This item is inspired by the movie Big Trouble in Little China (1986) starring Kurt Russell.

Egg Shen: "Oh, a six-demon bag!"

Jack Burton: "Terrific, a six-demon bag. Sensational. What's in it, Egg?"

Egg Shen: "Wind, fire, all that kind of thing!"[1]


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