Skettis Outcasts

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NeutralSkettis Outcasts
Kirrik the Awakened.jpg
Kirrik the Awakened
Main leader

Shattrath's Lower City (by way of Skettis)



The Skettis Outcasts,[1][2] possibly known as the Skettis Exiles,[3] are a faction of arakkoa that broke off from Skettis. They used to be a faction within Skettis, but their leader Kirrik had a dream from A'dal which caused him and his faction to break off and find refuge within Shattrath City. They see Terokk as a false prophet that will lead their people to doom. They have embraced the Light.[4][5]


The largest settlement of the Skettis Outcasts is in the Lower City. It consists of a couple of buildings and a group of tents, complete with a blade merchant, fish vendor and alchemy trainer and supplier. This village is led by Rilak the Redeemed, Kirrik's right claw and apprentice. Kirrik himself is located at the Refugee Caravan at the edge of the Bone Wastes north of Auchindoun.