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Image of Skitterflame
Race Fire spider (Beast)
Level 85 Rare
Health 387,450
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Molten Front[, ]
Pet family Spider

Skitterflame is a hostile rare level 85 fire spider found in a small pool of lava on Fireplume Peak of Molten Front.


Inv misc gem azuredraenite 02.png [Crystalline Tear of Loyalty]

Taming Challenge tactics

Skitterflame has a Superheated buff that makes him too hot to catch. Place a Freezing trap and then tame him at precisely the same time. His only attack, Pyroclastic Charge, will burn anyone in a single blow. It's important to get him out of his little lava pool and freeze him, then tame him at exactly the right moment.

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