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Title <Captain of the Damned>
Gender Male
Race Kvaldir (Undead)
Level 111 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Sailor
Location Naglfar, Maw of Souls
Status Killable

Skjal is a kvaldir located at the forward section of the Naglfar in the Maw of Souls, right before Helya.


  • "All hands on deck!"
  • "Belay these bilge rats!"
  • "Destroy these landlubbers!"
  • "Intruders on the Naglfar! Give no quarter to these scallywags!"
  • "No prey, no pay. Now secure the Naglfar!"
  • "No quarter to these scallywags! Helya doesn't abide intruders."
  • "Nothing sweeter... than to die at sea..."
  • "Pillage! Plunder! Leave none standing!"
  • "Send in the skeleton crew!"
  • "This be... my final plunder..."

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