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Skullsplitter Speaker

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NeutralSkullsplitter Speaker
Image of Skullsplitter Speaker
Gender Both
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120
Health 15,217
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Skullsplitter tribe
Occupation Ambassador, Speaker
Location Terrace of the Speakers, Dazar'alor
Status Alive

Skullsplitter Speakers are jungle troll emissaries of the Skullsplitter tribe located at the Terrace of the Speakers in Dazar'alor.

Objective of


  • Da Horde got a new Warchief. Weak little elfling, be hearin'.
  • Da Zandalari once be da proudest tribe, now dat pride be da only ting keepin' da place together.
  • Dis be de only place so many tribes be meetin' without heads rollin'. De moment da guards gone, it be a different story.
  • King Rastakhan must be slippin', to be lettin' the Horde into Zandalar witout takin' dere heads.
  • I hate da elves. I hate da undead. Da Horde got both.

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