Skumblade Fleshripper

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MobSkumblade Fleshripper
Image of Skumblade Fleshripper
Race Saurok (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 393,900
Affiliation(s) Skumblade tribe
Location Ihgaluk Crag, Isle of Thunder
Status Killable



  • Keep your claws sharp. You never know when another piece of meat will walk by.
  • Strength always to the Skumblade. Death and dismemberment to our enemies.
  • Make any good kills lately?
I killed a draenei yesterday. You can still find her near the filth-pool... just look for the blue entrails.
  • How do you prefer to kill? With tooth? With blade? From behind? From darkness?
  • Make any good kills lately?
I killed a tauren yesterday. It took three scavengers to bring his parts back to the filth pool!
  • The mogu seek to destroy us. The mogu are our enemy. I will slay every last mogu that comes close to our home.
Will you help?
  • Kill the mogu.
Kill the mogu.
Kill the mogu.
  • Fight, kill, eat, live another day.
If you die, die where your brothers and sisters can eat you. No point in feeding your enemies.


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