Skumblade Shortfang

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MobSkumblade Shortfang
Image of Skumblade Shortfang
Race Saurok (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 275,000
Affiliation(s) Skumblade tribe
Location Ihgaluk Crag, Isle of Thunder
Status Killable



  • There are ways for a shortfang to become stronger. If I wanted, I could escape the scorn of my tribe.
There are ways... but I am afraid. I am too scared, too weak.
They do not understand me. I will be a shortfang all my life.
  • The saur-priests have seen my weakness. The brutes beat me, call me shortfang. If I did not have my basilisk to protect me, I would be all alone.
Likely dead.
  • <The saurok cowers behind its pet.>
  • <The shortfang recoils in fear.>
  • I am nothing, I am no one, I am weak.
I am nothing, I am no one, I am weak.
I am nothing...
  • You bend down to speak with me? A pet-keeper? A shortfang?
I know my place in this world, stronger. I am not so strong enough to fight on my own, so I keep a pet. I am called weak, and pushed to the edge of the village.
You should stay away from me, before they see you.



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