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Skyguard Windcharger

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NeutralSkyguard Windcharger
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Gender Male
Race(s) Human, Blood elf, Broken, Dwarf
Level 71 - 73 Elite
Health 30,355
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sha'tari Skyguard
Location Skyguard Outpost, Blade's Edge Mountains; Terokkar Forest

Skyguard Windchargers are guards located in Skyguard Outpost in Blade's Edge Mountains and in Terokkar Forest.


  • Net


  • <Name>, do you feel the need -- the need for speed?
  • <Name>, how's your mount holding up? Pretty rough up there these days?
  • <Name>, terror of the skies, how are you doing?
  • <Name>, you are the Skyguard's best; make us proud!
  • A-TEN-HUT, officer <name> on the deck!
  • Good hunting up there, <name>!
  • Hey, it's our ace flyer, <name>!
  • I hear you fly without a parachute cloak, <name>.
  • I heard that <name> is gunning to be the captain of the air group.
  • I'd be honored to have you on my wing anytime, <name>.
  • Look who's here. It's <name>, our top gun.
  • <Name>, you and I should race sometime.
  • Well one thing's for sure, <name>'s not a nugget any more!

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