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For the subzone, see Skyhorn.
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Banner of the Skyhorn tribe.

The Skyhorn tribe is one of the four tribes of the Highmountain tauren, led by Lasan Skyhorn. They are a proud people, and their tribe sports some of the greatest pathfinders and hunters Azeroth has ever known.[1]

The Skyhorn are masters of the skies; much like the Frostborn dwarves of the Storm Peaks, they ride on enormous eagles, which allows them to reach areas that no other tauren can reach. This has also caused them to become more dominant than the Rivermane and Bloodtotem, which in turn has caused tension with the latter tribe.[2]

The Skyhorn totem animal is an eagle. Their totem can be found outside the exit of the Path of Sky in Thunder Totem, implying that they represent the element of air.

Recently, the Skyhorn have come under attack by the harpies of the region, who have been emboldened by the theft of the  [Hammer of Khaz'goroth],[2] and the harpy leader, High Crawliac, has recently taught her witches how to transform the noble eagles of the Skyhorn into vile rocs.[3] After the player assists in killing High Crawliac and clearing out the harpies, Lasan journeys to Thunder Totem to once again declare his allegiance to the Highmountain Tribe.[4]

Sepulcher of the Sky is their ancient[5] and sacred burial ground.[6]


  • When one has become a friend of the Skyhorn tribe, they are given the title of "Skyfriend" and allowed free passage through the tribe's lands.[7]
  • At some point, Crawshuk the Hungry attacked their village but was defeated by the class orders.[8]