Skyseeker Sailor

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AllianceSkyseeker Sailor
Image of Skyseeker Sailor
Race(s) Dwarf, Human, Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 10
Health 396
Reaction Friendly
Location Wreck of the Skyseeker, Wandering Isle
Status Alive
Human female sailor.

Skyseeker Sailors are the crew of the Skyseeker gunship, found at the Wreck of the Skyseeker on the Wandering Isle, defending their camp against the Deepscale tribe. Some of them were injured.


  • Piercing Strikes - Inflicts 47 to 52 Physical damage to the target.


  • The night elf versions share the same model with Yanas Seastrike.
  • In the beta, they were called Skyfire Sailors.

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