Skystep Potion

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  • Skystep Potion
  • Use: Increases movement speed by 150% and allows the imbiber to hover. Lasts 8 sec.
  • Requires Level 100
  • Sell Price: 25s


Skystep Potion is a potion created with alchemy (1); its recipe,  [Recipe: Skystep Potion], is purchasable from Patricia Egan after completing N Alchemy [108] Return the Filter.

Materials required:
Inv herbalism 70 starlightrosepetals.png 4x [Starlight Rose] Inv alchemy 70 purple.png 1x [Ancient Rejuvenation Potion]

This item can also be found inside  [Mana-Tinged Pack] and  [Wyrmtongue Cache of Supplies].


  • The hover effect from this potion does not provide fall damage negation, slow fall, or water walking, as [Levitate]'s hover effect does.

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