Slain Trapper

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NeutralSlain Trapper
Image of Slain Trapper
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 73
Health 4,886
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Wolfcult
Location Grizzly Hills
Status Deceased

Slain Trappers are dead humans that can be found at multiple locations in the Grizzly Hills. They represent the corpses of trappers affiliated with the town of Silverbrook and the Wolfcult.

Slain Trappers can be found at the Evergreen Trading Post. [16.7, 66.2] This post has been overrun by the Horde of Conquest Hold, presumably killing its original inhabitants.

Another group is found at White Pine Trading Post, [57.3, 41.7] having been killed by the Silverbrook dissident Sasha.

A third group is found around the unnamed post near the Granite Springs. [22.0, 51.3] The tower is on fire and all its denizens are dead.


Considering many in the Wolfcult have eventually become worgen, some the slain trappers could have also been infected by the worgen curse. However, all the corpses seem to belong to humans.

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