Slavemaster Shiaxu

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MobSlavemaster Shiaxu
Image of Slavemaster Shiaxu
Gender Male
Race Mogu (Humanoid)
Level 35 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lightning Vein Mine, Isle of Thunder [27.9, 66.5] / [48.7, 30.2]
Status Killable

Slavemaster Shiaxu is the final boss of B [90] To the Skies! He is found at the southern end of the Lightning Vein Mine.


  • Capture 10 yd range 1.84 sec cast. Will capture all enemies in a ~130-degree arc 10 yards out, rooting them for four seconds.
  • Deadly Kick 15 yd range 2.76 sec cast. Hits units in a ~130-degree arc 15 yards out for ~106K Physical on cloth
  • Chained 15 yd range — Movement speed reduced by 60%. 8,000 damage dealt every 3 sec. Instant cast. Get ~40 yards away from the ball to break the chain.


Get out of the Capture area of effect, as he will Deadly Kick the same area on his next attack, and get at least 40 yards away from the shackles to break the Chains.



Slavemaster Shiaxu yells: What is this? Another uprising?
Slavemaster Shiaxu yells: Bend before me!
Slavemaster Shiaxu yells: Kneel before your master!
Move from the shackles to break the chains!
Taoshi yells: This lock... it is more complicated than I thought...
Taoshi yells: Keep him busy! I am almost finished!
Slavemaster Shiaxu yells: You will be... punished...

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Shiaxu is voiced by Greg Chun.

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