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Undead Sleeping

Sleep can mean several different things in World of Warcraft:

  1. A prone non-combat position where a character lies down on whatever they are sitting or standing on.
    • Characters can be made to sleep or lie down by typing /sleep
    • Characters currently 'sleeping' will always suffer a critical strike when hit by any non-spell attack.
  2. The Sleep effect, which causes players to be unable to move or act, until the effect expires or is removed by taking damage.
  3. A variety of spells and abilities that cause a sleep-like state (see Sleep effect).
  4. A term for logging off while in a capital city, inn or other area where your character will accumulate the Rested bonus at approximately 4 times the normal speed (indicated by a 'zzz' on your character portrait).
  5. The mage spell Sleep, which was changed to [Polymorph] in Patch 0.8.