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Slippery Slime

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NeutralSlippery Slime
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Race Ooze (Elemental)
Level 100 Rare
Health 97,854
Location Amphitheater of Annihilation, Ashran
Status Active

Slippery Slimes are rare spawns found in the Amphitheater of Annihilation, Ashran. These fast-moving neutral mobs can be interacted, despawning the Slime and granting the Slippery Slime buff.

For further discussion on the buff and its uses, see Amphitheater of Annihilation.


  • Slippery — Catch it if you can! Interact with the slime to gain...
    • Slippery Slime — Periodically acauses you to become Slippery! 30 minute buff. Frequently randomly increases runspeed by 150% (to 250%) for 3 sec

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