Smiling Waiyu

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NeutralSmiling Waiyu
Image of Smiling Waiyu
Title <Master of the Scaled Fist>
Race Jinyu (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 5,502
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Anglers
Location Sri-La Village, The Jade Forest
Status Alive

Smiling Waiyu is a level 90 jinyu food and drink vendor found inside a small tavern on the opposite side of Sri-La Village as the Inn.


Inv misc food cooked goldcarpconsomme.png [Golden Carp Consomme]
2g 8s
Inv misc food vendor greenfishbonescurry.png [Green Curry Fish]
2g 8s
Inv drink milk 01.png [Pearl Milk Tea]
2g 8s
Inv misc food vendor roastedbarlytea.png [Roasted Barley Tea]
1g 92s
Inv misc food vendor toastedfishjerky.png [Toasted Fish Jerky]
1g 92s



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