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Smoke, Meat, and Pretty Flowers

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NeutralSmoke, Meat, and Pretty Flowers

110 (Requires 110)



Obtain some Salted Venison Jerky, Fras' Special Pipe Blend, and a Marigold Bouquet.


Back of town's on lockdown, kid. And yes, I do have a key, but you're a stranger.

<Emery pats his pocket gingerly.>

Listen, I'd like to help you out. You've got an honest look to you. Fetch me some venison, some pipe tobacco, and a bundle o' yellow flowers, and I might be able to make an exception.


You're not in a hurry, are you?


The smoke and the meat are for me. The flowers, on the other hand, are for the kids at the orphanage down the street.


One-time quests

The Deaths of Chromie

  1. N [110] Chromie
  2. N [110] The Day That Chromie Dies
  3. N [110] Rewind
  4. N [110] The Many Advantages of Being a Time Dragon
  5. N [110] Preserve the True Future
  6. N [110] The Deaths of Chromie

Dragonshrine bosses

Repeatable quests

One random quest per run

Stratholme past

  1. N [110] Smoke, Meat, and Pretty Flowers
  2. N [110] Yeah, Definitely for the Kids
  3. N [110] Holing Up
  4. N [110] For Emery
  5. N [110] Fight Plague with Fire


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