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Image of Smoot
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 82
Health 44,679
Affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel
Location Bilgewater Harbor, Azshara
Status Alive

Smoot is goblin who can be found running around Bilgewater Harbor, enamored with his  [Samophlange]. He even has a buff that says "Proudly holding his shiny samophlange high." Players must take his precious samophlange from him for a quest.

Smoot runs around the western half of the island by the vendors. The best way to find Smoot is to type /target Smooot and fly around, as he will have a green circle around him. Alternatively, one can stand in front of the inn[56.7, 49.6] where the class trainers are dueling one another. He will eventually run by here and say something about how much he loves his samophlange.


  • And upon the dawn of the first day the Samophlange beheld what it had wrought, and lo, it was good.
  • One Samophlange to rule them all!
  • I love you, Samophlange!
  • Behold: The Samophlange!
  • All hail Samophlange!
  • I have built it. And it is mine. Samophlange!

After having his samophlange taken Oh samophlange.. I have failed you!


  • A couple of his quotes are obvious cultural references. "One Samophlange to rule them all!" is a reference to The Lord of the Rings - the "One Ring to rule them all" - "And upon the dawn of the first day..." is a Bible reference with Samophlange in the place of God.

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