Smuggled Solution

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  • Smuggled Solution
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • Use: Assembles Armored Soldier Dummy in the Broken Front.


Smuggled Solution is a quest item given and used for the following quests:


When combined with an  [Abandoned Helm],  [Abandoned Armor], and a Pile of Bones, all found at the Broken Front, the Smuggled Solution creates a dummy. The dummy attracts a frost wyrm that attempts to snatch the dummy up. The dummy explodes, destroying the frost wyrm.

Note that the three additional components stack, so you can gather them all, then set off the three required dummies in quick succession.


This is actually  [Copperclaw's Volatile Oil], developed by Chief Engineer Copperclaw on Orgrim's Hammer, smuggled onto the Skybreaker.

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