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For Warcraft III statistics, see Snap Dragon.

Snap dragon

Medium Magical Beast (Aquatic)


Independent, Illidan's Naga


Warm and temperate aquatic


Solitary, pair, or family

Sources: Dark Factions, 205

Snap dragons are predators able to spit painful acid.

They first appeared shortly after the Third War as part of Illidan's Naga led by Lady Vashj.

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

It is a long, wiry, lizardlike creature. It runs with an undulating grace reminiscent of a snake. Its head is also snakelike, and a red tongue darts from its mouth. It is obviously amphibious, with a red, finlike ridge extending down its spine. Large fins flare from its head and tail. They appear as trained beasts in many naga armies. In the wild, snap dragons dwell along tropical coasts, entering the water to lay in wait for prey. When they sense it coming near, they rise and spit acid until the prey falls. The snap dragon then ambles over and feasts on the partially liquefied meal.

Many snap dragons exist in the South Seas, where they are a danger. All avoid them except the naga, who train the beasts for war. Snap dragons spend much of their time on land, where their acidic spit is effective, but use the water to surprise prey and to move quickly through their territory.

Snap dragons attack from ambush. They use watery environments to conceal their presence, and to move to where they can attack prey from the most advantageous places. They spit at their prey repeatedly and retreat from attackers, only to circle around and try again. They bite only if cornered or if underwater.

Snap dragons function equally well on land and in the water.[1]


Fan art


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