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Image of Snowpaw
Title <Sweetspring's Guardian>
Gender Male
Race Saber cat (Beast)
Level 71
Health 12,078
Affiliation(s) Valiance Expedition
Location Stars' Rest, Dragonblight
Status Alive
Relative(s) Sentinel Sweetspring (Master)
For Urukag's companion, see Snowpaw (wolf).

Snowpaw is Sentinel Sweetspring's saber cat mount and guardian. She can be found resting next to Sentinel Sweetspring at Stars' Rest in Dragonblight.


Sentinel Sweetspring peers at Modoru's Draenic robes.
Sentinel Sweetspring says: Say, Modoru. Where did you get those... ah... "wonderful" robes of yours, hmmm?
Modoru beams, unaware that she is teasing him, answering in his thickly-accented Common.
Modoru says: Well! You see, was gift from Grandmother Oluba. She hand-weave from finest silk on Draenor! Am quite proud of, yes.
Sentinel Sweetspring says: Oh. Oh... I see. How nice!
Sentinel Sweetspring bites back a laugh.
Snowpaw snickers, nuzzling into Sentinel Sweetspring's ankles.

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