Snufflenose Gopher

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NeutralSnufflenose Gopher
Image of Snufflenose Gopher
Race Ground squirrel (Beast)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Razorfen Kraul

Snufflenose Gophers are shy ground squirrels. Trained ones can be found in Ratchet inside the  [Crate With Holes] and are used to find Blueleaf Tubers inside Razorfen Kraul. These gophers have great noses and can smell a tuber from fifty paces away.

Only the trained ones can be commanded with the  [Snufflenose Command Stick].


The crate of snufflenose gophers is provided for the quest N [26D] Blueleaf Tubers in Razorfen Kraul. The spawned gopher will walk along until it finds a  [Blueleaf Tuber] nodes, then will "dig" and a lootable blueleaf tuber object will appear on the ground.

The snufflenose gopher can only be spawned in the trench of Razorfen Kraul (which is the only place the blueleaf tubers can be found). The snufflenose gopher will despawn if you leave, if it dies, or if you die.

Each  [Crate With Holes] can be used to spawn up to five snufflenose gophers. One snufflenose gopher is sufficient to do the quest. Spawning all five at once does not reveal nodes significantly faster, and the extraneous gophers can get out of control.

You can start or recall your snufflenose gopher with the  [Snufflenose Command Stick]. You can somewhat aim your gopher forward or backward by the way you are facing when you command him to start.

Initially, when no  [Blueleaf Tuber] nodes have been harvested, the gopher should not have to travel far to find one, but with several people on the quest, the nearby nodes will be cleared out, and the gopher can travel quite far.

The snufflenose gopher might appear to be a temporary companion, but will draw aggro like a combat pet, even though it does not fight. Be aware that if you have not cleared the trench, the gopher may well wander into a group of boars or an ooze. Recall is useful if your gopher is wandering into an area with hostile mobs.

It is faster for each player to run a gopher in a different section of the trench than to hunt for tubers in a crowd (and the gear for the quest is an object of the quest, so all the players on the quest have the ability to spawn and control a gopher), but in fact, only one player need spawn a gopher, and can run it for every one on the quest, allowing them to loot the nodes they need.

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