Socrethar's Demise

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AllianceSocrethar's Demise

100 (Requires 100)


18,840 XP


30g 80s



Kill Socrethar.


Meet me down by the entrance to the Shattrath dome.

There, we will issue our challenge to the Sargerei leader. If he accepts our challenge, it is there that he shall meet his end.

The creature that calls himself Socrethar was once my brethren. I can only hope that there is still some Light left within him.


You will receive: 30g 80s


What is it?

Use the Sha'tari Banner. Socrethar spawns in front of the door as Exarch Maladaar and Lady Liadrin spawn walking forward on the bridge as they buff themselves.
Socrethar says: Who dares to challenge me? I am the voice of those who will burn this world to ash!
Maladaar and Liadrin stop halfway to the stairs.
Lady Liadrin says: Socrethar! We bear proof of your slain lieutenants. Will you take retribution against us, or are you afraid?
Lady Liadrin says: They fell beneath the glory of the Light. As you will fall before us, demon!
Exarch Maladaar says: Yield, old friend... and we shall show mercy in your final hour.
Socrethar says: Never! My power is that of the Burning Legion... endless.
Socrethar says: Now, DIE!
Socrethar runs down to attack.
Fireball Barrage
Socrethar yells: Burn in Fel Fire!
Power of the Legion
Socrethar yells: Behold the power of the Legion!
Winding up Wrath of Socrethar
Socrethar runs to one side.
Socrethar yells: I will destroy you!
Exarch Maladaar yells: Come quickly. We must not let him overwhelm us.
Maladaar runs in the opposite direction and throws up a dome of Divine Protection to counter. Liadrin runs to the dome for cover.
Lady Liadrin yells: The light shall protect us!
Lady Liadrin yells: We will persevere!
Liadrin starts spot healing allies with Holy Light.
At the end of the cast, Socrethar is instead stunned by a blast of Light energy. Maladaar runs up to attack. The eredar is still defiant.
Exarch Maladaar yells: Give in now, Socrethar. You have been bested.
Socrethar yells: Your will is meaningless here.
Socrethar killed
Maladaar and Liadrin return to their previous spots and turn to each other.
Exarch Maladaar says: Well fought, Lady Liadrin. Let us meet back at the Spire of Light.
Lady Liadrin says: Same to you, Exarch. We have much to report to Archmage Khadgar.
They run back across the bridge and despawn.


Finally, it is done. Othaar... my old friend... be at peace now.

On completion:

Exarch Maladaar says: I admit, even in Socrethar's madness, there was a hint of truth.
Exarch Maladaar says: He questioned our complacency. Perhaps we have been too content, too SAFE, hiding here on Draenor.
Exarch Maladaar says: A call is coming, hero. I feel it, large and looming, just beyond the horizon. When the time comes, the draenei must answer.



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