Soothsayer's Runes

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  • Soothsayer's Runes
  • This Item Begins a Quest
  • Requires Level 60
  • "An old set of carved fortune-telling runes. Professor Thaddeus Paleo, of the Darkmoon Faire, would be most interested in these."
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The subject of this article or section is part of Darkmoon Faire, an ongoing event that lasts one week. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next month.

Soothsayer's Runes is a Darkmoon Faire artifact. It rarely drops from selected level-appropriate raid bosses for players with a  [Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide] in their inventory.

It begins the quest N [120] Tools of Divination.


Encounter Level Instance
Mob The Stone Guard 93 Mogu'shan Vaults
Mob Imperial Vizier Zor'lok 93 Heart of Fear
Mob Protectors of the Endless 93 Terrace of Endless Spring
Mob Jin'rokh the Breaker 93 Throne of Thunder

Before patch 5.0.4, the following raid bosses had a chance to drop this item:

Encounter Level Instance
Mob Argaloth 88 Baradin Hold
Mob Halfus Wyrmbreaker 88 Bastion of Twilight
Mob Magmaw 88 Blackwing Descent
Mob Nezir 88 Throne of Four Winds
Mob Shannox 88 Firelands
Mob Morchok 88 Dragon Soul

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