Soul Surrender (Horde)

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HordeSoul Surrender
A Soulripper channeling a scout

90 (Requires 90)






19g 84s 50c 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune




Save 6 Sunreaver Scouts or Silver Covenant Scouts.

  • Scouts rescued x6


We assault the mogu at the Court of Bones, but I fear we merely send them fodder for their abominable rituals.

The mogu do not merely kill their prisoners - they steal their souls and imbue them in machinations of stone, or reforge the fallen into ghostly tools of war.

Horde or Alliance, it matters not. We cannot allow the mogu to bolster their numbers.

Go into the crypts. Free any prisoners that are still living.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune


The mogu will steal the very souls from the living. I will not allow this atrocity to continue!


Thank you, <name>. You have lightened my heart of a heavy burden through your heroic actions.

I will remember your efforts on this day.



At the Court of Bones, look for scouts of either faction that are being actively channeled by Shan'ze Soulrippers and aggro the soulripper. There are also scouts in cages that can be freed.

  • Sunreaver Scout says: Did the Sunreavers send you? Thank you for the well-timed rescue.
  • Sunreaver Scout says: How could the mogu be capable of such atrocity? Thank goodness you arrived when you did.
  • Sunreaver Scout says: I knew the Sunreavers would not desert me. Thank you, champion.
  • Sunreaver Scout says: Thank you, champion. Please, free the others as well!
  • Sunreaver Scout says: Thank you, friend. You have rescued me from a terrible fate.
  • Sunreaver Scout says: You have saved my life, champion. For that, I am in your debt.
  • Silver Covenant Scout says: Although we are enemies, I will thank you. Just this once.
  • Silver Covenant Scout says: If you had not just rescued me from certain death, I would kill you where you stand. Next time we meet, I will not hold back.
  • Silver Covenant Scout says: I should tear you apart, Horde scum! I will restrain myself this once.
  • Silver Covenant Scout says: I will stay my hand this time, Horde hero. Let it not be said that the Silver Convenant do not show gratitude.
  • Silver Covenant Scout says: Thank you, Horde hero, but the next time we meet, I will show no mercy.


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