Soulbinder Nyami (tactics)

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For character biography, see Soulbinder Nyami.
BossSoulbinder Nyami
Image of Soulbinder Nyami
Title <Shadow Council>
Gender Female
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 97 - 102 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Auchindoun
Status Killable

Vigilant Kaathar
Soulbinder Nyami



Soulbinder Nyami is the second boss of Auchindoun. After spending much time subverting the Exarch Council from within, Nyami openly betrays the Auchenai, delivering the Heart of Auchindoun to her master Teron'gor and attempts to stop the adventurers from reaching her master. Her abilities are similar to that of a Shadow-speced priest.


Adventure Guide

Nyami is a draenei priestess, entrusted as a soultender with access to the holiest grounds within Auchindoun. However, her true loyalties lie with the Shadow Council, and she plots to bring down the barrier that protects the mausoleum from invaders.


Soulbinder Nyami twists the spirits of fallen Auchindoun partisans into weapons of her own will. Whilst combating these spirits, players should be aware of her deadly torus-shaped spell, Soul Vessel.

Dps icon.png Damage Dealers

  • Interrupt Arbiter's Hammer and Arcane Bolt.

Healer icon.png Healers

  • Soul Vessel inflicts high damage to players standing outside the protective zone.

Tank icon.png Tanks

  • Pick up additional enemies summoned by Torn Spirits.


  • Soulbinder Nyami
    • Spell priest mindspike.png  Mind Spike Interruptible — Blasts the target for 17550 to 18450 Shadowfrost damage.
    • Spell shadow shadowwordpain.png  Shadow Word: Pain Magic Effect — A word of darkness that causes 9950 to 10050 Shadow damage instantly, and an additional 3500 Shadow damage every 1.5 sec. over 9 sec.
    • Spell shadow soulleech 2.png  Soul Vessel — Twists the souls of fallen Draenei, forming multiple tori of Shadow damage at a specific location. The epicenter of this ability is safe from damage.
  • Spell shadow dispersion.png  Torn Spirits — Rips the spirits out of fallen Auchenai partisans, forcing them to fight.
    • Spiteful Arbiter
      • Ability paladin hammeroftherighteous.png  Arbiter's Hammer Interruptible — Stuns a target, inflicting frequent Holy damage to additional allies within 5 yards for 2 sec.
      • Spell holy circleofrenewal.png  Radiant Fury — Charges a target, creating multiple prisms of Holy energy which radiate away from the caster. These prisms inflict 11700 to 12300 Holy damage upon contact.
    • Twisted Magus
      • Spell arcane arcane01.png  Arcane Bolt Interruptible — Blasts a target with a burst of Arcane energy, inflicting 16185 to 17015 Arcane damage.
      • Spell arcane invocation.png  Arcane Bomb — Focuses nearby Arcane energies into several orbs of immense power. Upon contact or after 10 sec, these orbs explode, inflicting 8775 to 9225 Arcane damage to enemies within 5 yards.
    • Malefic Defender — Donning mace and shield, Malefic Defenders compulsively defend Soulbinder Nyami.
      • Spell holy holysmite.png  Crusader Strike Magic Effect — Inflicts 7125 to 7875 damage to an enemy and increases damage taken by 1% for 15 sec. This effect stacks.


Soulbinder Nyami mostly hits the tank with [Mind Spike] and a dispellable [Shadow Word: Pain]. Her Soul Vessel ability channels a swarm of souls that do massive damage, in addition to creating a small safe zone. The safe zone appears as a blue spot on the ground with an arrow pointing over it. This ability is similar to Erudax's Shadow Gale.

She will also summon Torn Spirits. In Normal mode, the adds should be ignored and the party should focus on finishing off the boss. In Heroic, the adds are more powerful and are more likely to be summoned sooner. Abilities to watch out for are the Spiteful Arbiter's Arbiter's Hammer which will stun players (this spell should be interrupted), and the Twisted Magus' Arcane Bomb which players should stay away from as it does damage to all enemies within 5 yards when it detonates. If the party is geared enough, they may also choose to ignore the adds and burn Nyami as fast as possible.


Item Type
 [Hammer of the Soulbinder] (H · M) Strength two-hand mace
 [Soulcutter Mageblade] (H · M) Caster one-hand sword

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I will coil your souls into darkness!
Soul Vessel
  • Your oath is unfinished!
  • I will drown this world in shadows!
Torn Spirits
  • Return to this world!
  • The spirits are mine to command!
Killed a player
Shadows envelop you!
Too late... my Master... comes...
Auchenai Warden says: Auchenai, secure this chamber.
Auchenai Warden says: The barrier protecting Auchindoun is asunder.
Auchenai Warden says: A foul force has penetrated these sacred chambers.
Auchenai Warden says: Scout ahead while we establish a foothold.

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