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This article is about the Shadowlands system. For the item property, see soulbound.
Theotar soulbinding as shown at BlizzCon 2019.

Soulbindings is the act of joining a Covenant. It is an ancient rite to bind your soul to some of its most powerful members. By doing so, your character harnesses their power, gaining access to powerful bonuses. Over time, you can unlock new tiers of power and even switch Soulbinds when strategy demands it.[1] The power of the soulbinds can be increased with Conduit items. Each soulbind will have its unique storyline.

Anima will be gathered in order to develop soulbinding.

Forge of Bonds in Covenant Sanctums are used for soulbinding.


In the Shadowlands, two souls can take part in a ritual to bind themselves together. This is often done between friends, romantic partners, or allies-in-arms to make them stronger.[2] The bond between two Soulbinds is stronger than any other. They know each other completely, and both simultaneously act as each other's mentor and student.[3]

Soulbound characters


Kyrian sigil.png Kyrian

Necrolord sigil.png Necrolord

Night Fae sigil.png Night Fae

Venthyr sigil.png Venthyr

  • IconSmall Venthyr Male.gif Theotar - Arrogance: You have 5% increased critical strike chance against targets whose current health percentage is lower than yours.
  • IconSmall Venthyr Female.gif Nadjia - Deflecting Flourish: Your Parry is increased by 6%. If you are normally unable, Nadjia will teach you how to parry.
  • IconSmall Stoneborn Male.gif General Draven