Soulguard Adept

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MobSoulguard Adept
Image of Soulguard Adept
Title <Cult of the Damned>
Race(s) Night elf
Human (Femele)
Level 80 Elite
Health 65,200
105,000 (Heroic)
Mana 35,256
Affiliation(s) Cult of the Damned
Location Forge of Souls, Icecrown Citadel
Status Killable

Soulguard Adept can be found in the Forge of Souls of the Frozen Halls in Icecrown.


  • Spell shadow shadowbolt.png  Shadow Bolt (Heroic mode) 40 yd range — Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting Shadow damage. 3 sec. cast. Deals 2500-3400 damage.
  • Spell shadow shadowmend.png  Shadow Mend (Heroic mode) 40 yd range — Heals friendly target for 9000 to 11000. 2.5 sec cast.
  • Spell shadow lifedrain02.png  Drain Life (Heroic mode) 20 yd range — Drains 6000 health from an enemy over 4 sec., transferring it to the caster. Instant

Patches and hotfixes

Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.3.0 (2009-12-08): Added

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