South Gate Outpost

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South Gate Outpost

South Gate Outpost is a dwarven settlement built in western Loch Modan. It lies in the middle of the South Gate Pass, which links Dun Morogh in the west with Loch Modan in the east. Before the Shattering, the outpost was considered part of Dun Morogh.

The mountaineers stationed at the outpost have cleared out most of the encroaching wildlife, and thus do not face the same amount of problems as do the dwarves of North Gate Outpost. Many travelers pass through the outpost on their way to or from Thelsamar.


Some quests that start or finish in this area are considered Dun Morogh quests rather than Loch Modan ones. Thus they do not count towards the achievement Alliance [Loch Modan Quests].

As this area used to be part of Dun Morogh it is snow-covered and cold. However as it is now part of Loch Modan it is subject to the Loch's weather, which means this frosty winter wonderland now gets rain instead of Dun Morogh's snow.