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===Camp Una'fe===
===Camp Una'fe===
{{Camp Una'fe}}
#[[Quest:Signals in the Sky]] ''(from [[Hunter's Hill]])''
#*Sidequest: [[Quest:Keeping the Dogs at Bay]]
#[[Quest:Bad to Worse]]
##[[Quest:When Plants Attack]]
##[[Quest:A Curious Bloom]] ''(to the [[Overgrowth]])''
#[[Quest:Speaking Their Language]]
#[[Quest:A Family Divided]] ''(to [[Vendetta Point]])''
===Vendetta Point===
===Vendetta Point===

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Zone map

The Southern Barrens is a Neutralneutral zone for level 30-35 Horde and Alliance players. It focuses on the Alliance vs. Horde conflict, with each faction's quests giving a different view of the events that play out.

The Southern Barrens quests lead to the Dustwallow Marsh storyline; Feralas and Western Plaguelands are same-level alternatives.


Northwatch Hold

  1. Quest:Survey the Destruction or Quest:Hero's Call: Southern Barrens! (breadcrumbs)
  2. Quest:Report to Aubrey
  3. Quest:The Admiral Won't Back Down
  4. Quest:Repel Boarders!
  5. Quest:The Guns of Northwatch
  6. Quest:Run Out the Guns
  7. Quest:Langridge Shot
  8. Quest:Back in the Fight and Quest:Re-Take the Courtyard
  9. Quest:Lifting the Siege and Quest:Silencing Rageroar
  10. Quest:Teegan's Troubles (breadcrumb to Teegan's Expedition)

Teegan's Expedition

  1. Quest:Teegan's Troubles (from Northwatch Hold)
  2. Quest:A Failure to Communicate and Quest:Make 'em Squeal
  3. Quest:You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me
  4. Quest:Trouble From the Ground Up (to the Overgrowth) and/or Quest:To the Front! (breadcrumb to Forward Command)

Forward Command

  1. Quest:To the Front! (from Teegan's Expedition)
    1. Quest:Lion's Pride (Alliance)
    2. Quest:Marching On Our Stomachs
  2. Quest:A Line in the Dirt (Alliance) and Quest:Fields of Blood
  3. Quest:Clap 'Em In Irons and Quest:The Taurajo Briefs
  4. Quest:Meet Me at Triumph (breadcrumb to Fort Triumph)

Fort Triumph

  1. Quest:Meet Me at Triumph (from Forward Command)
    1. Quest:Working the Bugs Out
    2. Quest:Firestone Point (Alliance) (breadcrumb to Firestone Point)
    1. Quest:Pick-a-Part
    2. Quest:Powder Play
    3. Quest:Batteries Not Yet Included
  2. Quest:Report to Twinbraid (breadcrumb to Bael Modan)

Bael Modan

  1. Quest:Report to Twinbraid (from Fort Triumph)
  2. Quest:Digsite Status
  3. Quest:Feegly the Exiled and Quest:Hands Off Me Dig!
  4. Quest:Marley's Final Flight
  5. Quest:Who Did This? and Quest:He Needs Ale!
  6. Quest:Twinbraid Needs to Know and Quest:The Bad News
  7. Quest:Kill 'em All! and Quest:...And Bury the Rest
  8. Quest:The Deed Is Done
  9. Quest:Reinforcements From Theramore (breadcrumb to Dustwallow Marsh)


The Overgrowth

  1. Quest:Trouble From the Ground Up (from Teegan's Expedition) or Quest:A Curious Bloom (from Camp Una'fe)
  2. Quest:Biological Intervention
    1. Quest:Adder Subtraction
    2. Quest:Lashvine Seeds
    3. Quest:Sowing a Solution
  3. Quest:To Harvest Chaos
  4. Quest:The Nightmare Scar
  5. Quest:Winnoa Pineforest (to Vendetta Point)

Firestone Point

  1. Quest:Firestone Point (Alliance) (from Fort Triumph) or Quest:Firestone Point (Horde) (from Desolation Hold)
    1. Quest:A Growing Threat
    2. Quest:Mangletooth (Alliance)
    • Or
    1. Quest:Concern for Mankrik
    2. Quest:Mahka's Plea
    3. Quest:Don't Stop Bereavin'
    4. Quest:Mangletooth (Horde)
  2. Quest:Blood of the Barrens
  3. Quest:Echoes of Agamaggan


Hunter's Hill

  1. H [30] Nura Pathfinder or H [30] Warchief's Command: Southern Barrens! (breadcrumbs)
  2. H [30] Clear the High Road
  3. H [30] Holdout at Hunter's Hill
    1. H [31] Put the Fear in Them
    2. H [31] The Low Road
    3. H [31] Stalling the Survey
  4. H [31] Signals in the Sky (to Camp Una'fe)

Camp Una'fe

  1. H [31] Signals in the Sky (from Hunter's Hill)
  2. H [30] Bad to Worse
    1. H [31] When Plants Attack
    2. H [31] A Curious Bloom (to the Overgrown Camp)
  3. H [32] Speaking Their Language
  4. H [32] A Family Divided (to Vendetta Point)

Vendetta Point

  1. Quest:A Family Divided (from Camp Una'fe) or Quest:Winnoa Pineforest (from the Overgrowth)
  2. Quest:Meet the New Boss
  3. Quest:A Line in the Dirt (Horde)
  4. Quest:Siegebreaker
  5. Quest:Honoring the Dead and Quest:Taking Back Taurajo
  6. Quest:Desolation Hold Inspection (to Desolation Hold)

Desolation Hold

  1. Quest:Desolation Hold Inspection (from Vendetta Point)
  2. Quest:Changing of the Gar'dul
    1. Quest:Parts-is-Parts
    2. Quest:Hearts-is-Hearts
    3. Quest:Smarts-is-Smarts
    1. Quest:Silithissues
    2. Quest:Firestone Point (Horde) (to Firestone Point)
  3. Quest:Intelligence Warfare
  4. Quest:The Butcher of Taurajo
    1. Quest:Flightmare
    2. Quest:Tauren Vengeance (to Bael Modan)

Bael Modan

  1. Quest:Tauren Vengeance (from Desolation Hold)
  2. Quest:A Weezil in the Henhouse
  3. Quest:Dwarf Fortress
  4. Quest:Sabotage!
  5. Quest:Next of Kin (breadcrumb to Dustwallow Marsh)