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For the post-Cataclysm ruins and associated lore, see Ruins of Southshore. For other usages, see Southshore (disambiguation).

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Sources: World of Warcraft
The main supply center to the Battle of Alterac, Southshore is often under siege by the Horde.

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Southshore (aka South Shore,[1] often abbreviated as SS) was an Alliance port town located in the region of Hillsbrad Foothills.




Southshore used to be part of the kindgom of Lordaeron as a small fishing village.[2] The survivors of Stormwind arrived at Southshore after fleeing the Horde, which had destroyed their kingdom during the First War. The people of Stormwind then settled near Southshore, pledging their loyalty to the Alliance.[3] Southshore was transformed into a busy seaport during the Second War.[4] Its maritime area was rich with oil, which was also coveted by the Horde.[5] Despite its new status as a military port, Southshore was eventually attacked and burned to the ground by the rampaging Horde.[6]

Southshore was later rebuilt after the war. Thrall and his new Horde secretly infiltrated the town during the night and stole its ships.[citation needed] It was left untouched by the Plague of Undeath and survived the destruction of Lordaeron by the Scourge during the Third War. In the following years, however, the town would be threatened by the Syndicate at Durnholde Keep and the Forsaken inhabiting the former human settlement of Tarren Mill to the northeast.

World of Warcraft

WoW Icon 16x16.png This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

Southshore is a quiet port town. It's one of the few pockets of human civilization that still exists in Lordaeron and maintain their allegiance to the Alliance. A few survivors of the Third War and adventurers call this town home. In fact, some of its residents used to be members of the Knights of the Silver Hand and Kirin Tor mages. Merideth Carlson raves on about her new invention: a special horse feed that could nourish spiritual horses.[7] Chef Jessen is renowned for his  [Soothing Turtle Bisque][8] and Bartolo Ginsetti still sells his famous Yeti Fur Cloaks.[9] In terms of threats, Marshal Redpath tasks one of his men to take care of the local murlocs and naga in the area. They've also had problems with some of the Forsaken and the Syndicate stealing their horses and shipments of crystals.[10][11] Sergeant Hartman can attest that Southshore's animosity with the Forsaken can get pretty heated during the Hallow's End festival as the Forsaken would antagonize the residents with stink bombs. Magistrate Henry Maleb seems convinced that the Syndicate are scheming Southshore's destruction and had assassinated the previous magistrate. Maleb is requesting aid from any adventurer to help in Southshore's retaliation. Phin Odelic sends adventurers to aid his companions in investigating hints of the Forsaken Plague in the Arathi Highlands. Loremaster Dibbs tries to preserve lost knowledge for the Royal Library of Stormwind.

Blood Runs Thicker

WoW-manga-logo.png This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft manga.

Southshore in the Past

The Burning Crusade This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade.

In the Burning Crusade expansion, adventurers are asked to help preserve the timeline by aiding a young Thrall's escape from his cruel masters at Durnholde Keep. They are transported to Hillsbrad — seven years in the past. Instead of heading straight to Durnholde, however, players may explore a portion of Hillsbrad, including both Tarren Mill and Southshore.

There are many familiar faces in this past Southshore. Bartolo Ginsetti talks about the "world-famous" cloaks he will be making and Nat Pagle idly fishes off the dock. A trio of familiar characters run around as children: Sally Whitemane, Renault Mograine, and Little Jimmy Vishas. There's also Herod the Bully wandering around somewhere.

Inside the inn, there's a hushed conversation between Highlord Alexandros Mograine, Isillien, Fairbanks, Brigitte Abbendis, Arcanist Doan and Tirion Fordring about the rumors of undead far to the north, and the forging of the Ashbringer. Upstairs, Stalvan Mistmantle snores away, while a young Taelan Fordring carries his father's hammer proudly. Phin Odelic studies with a cabal of Kirin Tor mages, and every so often a pair of mages will walk through the town: Kel'Thuzad as well as Helcular. There's also a familiar goblin merchant working on completing his Overwatch Protector "Mark 0."

In the town hall, you can also find Nathanos Marris and Raleigh the True.

With the town's destruction in Cataclysm, this is now the only way to see the town as it was in pre-Cata.


Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.
Ruins of Southshore

Southshore remained a part of the Alliance, until it was destroyed by the Forsaken, who used their Forsaken Blight on the town. The town leaders led those who could escape to the town of Hillsbrad Fields, but some other inhabitants weren't so lucky as the residents were no match for the Forsaken's chemical weapons. The sanctuary found in Hillsbrad Fields proved short lived as that town was eventually assaulted by the Forsaken as well, forcing the survivors to flee once again.[12] Southshore was rendered uninhabitable after this, as highly toxic blight remnants were left spread throughout the ruins. It is now known as the Ruins of Southshore, and is partially controlled by the Forsaken.

The surviving residents of Southshore and Hillsbrad Fields have taken refuge at Fenris Keep.

Lordaeron tabard.


For the lower-level Alliance players (those not seasoned enough to dare entering the Western and Eastern Plaguelands), Southshore was one of two of the northernmost Alliance havens — the other being Aerie Peak. For utilitarian purposes, Southshore far outstrips Aerie Peak considering the array of its services and its location as well as being the drop-off point for players beginning the long trek on foot to the Scarlet Monastery. But it is far less safe, sometimes being the location of raids going between the town and its Horde counterpart, Tarren Mill, to the North.

An NPC quest giver named Marshal Redpath stood outside the Southshore Town Hall. It is unknown if he was related to the Redpaths whose history is so interlaced with the Eastern Plaguelands. Inside the inn, Lieutenant Farren Orinelle mocks Redpath for telling him to take care of the local murlocs.


A number of quests involving the Syndicate and the ogres in Alterac Mountains started in Southshore. Also, a few quests that could be found at the inn involved killing the nearby murlocs and naga.

Pre-Cata NPCs


Warcraft II demo

In the Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness demo, the second Alliance level called Southshore is an early version of the retail's Southshore mission. The retail version reused some of text from the earlier version of the mission briefing but was modified. For example the reason for the construction of the Southshore naval facilities is a bit different in the two versions of the mission. The retail versions of the missions also have redesigned maps. Note that the Tides of Darkness demo represents missions from an early version of the game (perhaps the beta version) left out of the released game and later released lore. Some of the ideas evolved into the different maps seen in the released version of the game.

In the demo map, you start on one small island and take over a much smaller island. In the Alliance level called Southshore, you attack from Southshore to that much smaller island. The islands described in the demo version of the mission appear south of the Southshore region. While the islands in the demo are not given names, these may have developed into the idea of the Channel Islands or the region near Tol Barad, which is southeast of Southshore (Tol Barad is shown to have at least two islands according to manual map). The demo mission maps for Southshore show the islands as being to the southwest and very near Southshore's shore. However, the Warcraft II battle maps, like most maps in World of Warcraft games, are not necessarily to actual scale. The Second War map only shows a single island east of the Southshore dot (the dot may represent the general area of the region or the township). It may be possible that this island may correspond to these "islands".

While not directly related, the Tides of Darkness mission map of the third Horde level, called "Southshore", shows at least two islands are located in a similar configuration. The Orcs were gathering oil from a hidden location on these islands, in order to fuel for ships participating in the final attack on Hillsbrad. See Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness missions for more information.

Notes & trivia

  • Catherine Rogers grew up in Southshore and her family is buried here.
  • The town was under the control of the Barov family.[13]
  • There was a church in Southshore,[14] but it was absent in World of Warcraft.
  • The stable master Wesley was likely a nod from Blizzard to the movie The Princess Bride. The movie's main character, Wesley, has fair blond hair and wields a rapier just like the one the stable master was holding. The Wesley from The Princess Bride is also a stable boy, while World of Warcraft's Wesley was a stable master.
  • A level 44 elite undead, Helcular's Remains, would sometimes spawn in the Southshore Graveyard to seek revenge as part of a Horde quest chain.
  • Southshore is an Uncommon Location card in the World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game's Drums of War set.
  • Southshore was famous for being raided by Horde players. Usually the attacks were carried out merely by one or more high-level players, but full-scale raids consisting of 20-30 players weren't unheard of. Southshore's reputation as a world PvP hub was even more evident during Hallow's End, in which Horde players were tasked with bombarding Southshore with stinkbombs, which Alliance players were then asked to clean up. Although there was little practical benefit for either side, attacks on Southshore and Tarren Mill were often a part of long back-and-forth PvP battles fought throughout Hillsbrad. Many of these were themselves in retaliation to earlier attacks, such that the original reason for the conflict was more or less forgotten. These battles were so popular that Blizzard implemented a battleground, Southshore vs. Tarren Mill, to commemorate them during World of Warcraft's 10th anniversary event. In Legion's Patch 7.2, the battleground returned as a PvP Brawl.

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG and is considered non-canon.

Southshore was a port that served as the chief Alliance base on the northern coast of Baradin Bay. It was known for its sea turtles, which were a delicacy.[15] Though only a small town, Southshore was the largest settlement in the whole Hillsbrad Foothills. A small Alliance garrison was berthed within and did its best to drive the Syndicate and Forsaken forces from their land while protecting Lordaeron's southern regions from the Scourge in the north. They did a good job with their few forces, and the nearby farms thrived. Southshore's town council took an active role in all things, and Magistrate Henry Maleb was a particularly driven and wise man. Maleb and Marshal Redpath, the Alliance commander, were frequently concerned with fights against ogres in Alterac and the local murlocs.

In addition to its role as an Alliance military base, Southshore was Hillsbrad's mercantile center. Southshore's small privateer fleet kept the waterways around the shore clear, allowing ships to dock at the town's harbor and keep the economy strong.[16]

Southshore was also one of the few existing relics of the once-great human nation of Lordaeron. With the remains of the city-state of Dalaran and the kingdom of Stromgarde, Southshore was one of the few Alliance controlled towns left in Lordaeron. The people there celebrated Hordefall in memory of the defeat of the Horde in the Second War.

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