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Spark of Imagination (quest)

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For the Ulduar subzone, see Spark of Imagination.
NeutralSpark of Imagination

120 (Requires 120)






2g 34s




N Hunter [120] Paid in Blood


N Hunter [120] Bonds of Thunder


Use the Teleportation Pad outside Ulduar to rendezvous with Mimiron in his workshop.

  • Use the Teleportation Pad


I've diverted all non-essential power to prepare for Hati's reformation, so I cannot teleport you to Ulduar from here.

Be extremely careful with the Thunderspark on your way. It is charged with highly volatile energy. One wrong bump could lead to serious complications!


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,800 XP


Quickly, now! We may not have much time!


Quest accept
The XR9-47 immediately takes off.
Thorim says: We shall meet you there at once!
Thorim leaves in a flash of lightning.
Grif Wildheart says: Let's get a move on then. Oh, Huey!
Grif Wildheart says: We'll meet ya there, lad! To Ulduar!
On approach
Image of Mimiron says: This will bring you straight to the wondrous Spark of Imagination! Come, <name>! Time to put that companion of yours back together with the magic of science!
Teleportation pad used
Image of Mimiron
Grif and the hunter adventurer hurry along the corridor leading into main area.
Grif Wildheart says: Aye, Mimiron... whatever ye say.
Grif Wildheart says: Ye know, lass, sometimes I wonder how we get ourselves into these situations.
Grif Wildheart says: Used tae be I'd just travel the wilds with Theodore and ol' Huey. Maybe run across a fellow hunter every now and again.
Grif Wildheart says: I guess... I just miss Hati, if I'm being honest with ye. I know he's tied to your spirit an' all, but he's got a heart of gold if I've ever seen one.
The two reach the lab.
Mimiron says: There you are! I've just finished rerouting the low-ion energy converter units to the stabilization matrix, which should force the fusion press unit to reform Hati's body from his essence!
Grif Thunderheart says: And that's... good?
Mimiron says: It's better than good, Bronzebeard. It's science!
(Optional) Press Big Red Button
Mimiron yells: Why in science's good name would you press the big red button labeled "DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON"?! We have work to do!


  1. B Hunter [120] Spark of Genius
  2. N Hunter [120] Telemetry Online
  3. N Hunter [120] The Huntsman's Creed
  4. N Hunter [120] Paid in Blood
  5. N Hunter [120] Spark of Imagination
  6. N Hunter [120] Bonds of Thunder
  7. N Hunter [120] Homeward Bound
  8. N Hunter [120] Reverberation

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