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Category talk:Warcraft III units

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my thoughts
I have moved these articles out of [[:Category:High Elf]], [[:Category:Blood Elf]], and [[:Category:Elves]], since they were overwhelming those categories. See [[Category_talk:Elves]] for the beginning of a debate as to what should be done with them.--[[User:Aeleas|Aeleas]] 12:01, 21 March 2006 (EST)
: If these articles remain here, I'll be okay with it. Fully expanded, the name of this wiki would be ''World of Warcraft Wiki''. In fact, the whole idea with calling the game World of Warcraft is (as I reckon it) to cover the world that Warcraft is set in. And if we go with the name of the wiki, it could reasonably cover and include all of these units. It depends on whether or not we give a hoot about Warcraft 3 and its community. It's up to everyone here, I think. [[User:D. F. Schmidt|Schmidt]] 22:06, 21 March 2006 (EST)