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Rusted Skystrider

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| faction =Alliance
|name = Rusted Skystrider
|image = Rusted Skystrider.jpg
|race = Mechanostrider
|creature = MechinalMechanical
|level = 17
|location =[[Ironwing Cavern]];, [[Loch Modan]]{{coords|79|76|Loch Modan}}
|aggro ={{aggro|1|1}}
'''Rusted Skystrider''' is a rusted out [[mechanostrider]] found in the [[Ironwing Cavern]] of [[Loch Modan]].
* [[Quest:Bird is the Word]] {{questfinish}}
* {{questlong|Alliance||Bird is the Word (2)}}— from {{RaceIcon|Gnome|Male|Small}}{{NPC|Alliance|Bingles Blastenheimer}} at the [[ The Farstrider Lodge]] in [[Loch Modan]]
* [[Quest:Skystrider's Heart]] {{queststart}}
::Objective: Find the Rusted Skystrider inside [[Ironwing Cavern]]
== Patches and hotfixes ==
[[Category:Loch Modan NPCs]]