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The Huntsman

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| name=The Huntsman
| category=Eastern Plaguelands
| end=
| experience=48204800
| reputation=+250325 [[Argent Crusade]]
| money={{cost||55}}
| previous={{quest|To Take the Barracks}}
We've already lost half a dozen men to a hail of bullets and arrows coming from atop this fortress. I haven't seen the face of the enemy that's firing, but I don't need to. I know the name of the man up there.
[[Huntsman Leopold|Leopold]].
That's right, there's only one man up there, picking off my men one-by-one. And from what I can see, there's only one of you.
Sounds like a fair fight to me.
:''(Huntsman Leopold: Deadly with any weapon at range)''
== Progress ==
If it were up to me, I'd throw him off the edge of the tower.
== Completion ==
You will receive: {{cost||55}}
== Notes ==
On aggro:
:{{text|yell|Huntsman Leopold|I'll fill your corpses with arrows!}}
== Quest Progression ==
{{The Brotherhood of Light}}
Have a nice day. :) -->
[[Category:Argent Crusade quests]]